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» Where's my package?
Where's my package?

1st time: meditation
We're just waiting a little bit... I know how easy it is to say.
But sometimes there are delays due to the weather, to the overload of certain periods (holidays, sales...), to incidents beyond our control... (it's well said, huh)


2nd time: zenitude
We check the tracking links given when sending your order
La poste:
Mondial relay:


3rd step: communication
A phone call or a small mail (preferably sympa) and I unload myself to find your parcel.
Because, to tell you the truth, I'm just like you, I have no idea where the damn parcel might be! Once I have entrusted it to the transporter, I cross my fingers and make offerings to Mercury, so that it can arrive safely.


4th step: Resolution
All right, it's final, the parcel is nowhere to be found... And it's not your fault (see "successful delivery")
But don't panic, either I'll pay it back or replace it.