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» Methods of Payment
Methods of Payment


We recommend yourself the payment by card in order to accelerate the treatment of your order.

Payment reassured by online bank card

 At the time of your order online by bank card, You are redirigés automatically on the reassured site of our partner the Agricultural Credit. 
The bank cards CB, Aimed or Mastercard are authorized.
Indicate the number of your card, his date back to expiration and the 3 last situated figures to the back of your card.

Dream Catchers chose the security system "Verified by Aimed" : verification system protected by password. This system authorizes your bank to confirm your identity to concerned online commerce.  When you wish to go shopping online with an accepted merchant, Verified by Aimed protects the data of your card by means of a password.  As you are the only one to know this password, No one is in a position to use your card with the accepted merchants. 
 You receive your password of your bank is by SMS, Mall or telephones (according to the coordinated that you transmitted him).  Return this code and finalize the order by bank Card
Payment reassured by PayPal
 PayPal is a means of online reassured payment that allows you to pay by card without never to unveil your coordinated bank one. You must open an account with Paypal benefit from their services. 
 You can pay your purchases with your card (Aimed, Mastercard, National CB or AMEX) or to credit with the cards Aurora, Cofinoga, 42TOILES and Privilege.