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Gift wrap
Free gift packing service with exclusive boxes available at Dream Catchers

You wish to offer a present?

Free and customizable service


How can it be done?

Before validating definitively your command, click the compartment " demand of gift wrap ".

You can also accompany this present of a message personalized for the concerned person. For that purpose, you have only to register in the frame " personalized Message " the text of the message. We shall take care to retranscribe it on a card which will accompany the present.

We can also send your present directly to the person addresser if you inform his precise and complete address and phone number at the time of the validation of the delivery address.

Exclusive gift box Dream Catchers


Pentacle box:
Ideal to offer a ring or a small pendant - Box with a pentacle on the top - PLA (polylactic acid) black
5 x 5 x 3 cm

Coffin box
For larger jewelery or adornment - Black coffin in PLA
11 x 6 x 3 cm

* PLA is biodegradable and made from recycled materials