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» Delivering successfully
Delivering successfully

Tips for a successful delivery:


Complete and accurate contact information:

And yes an error on your address can lead to the return of your parcel to see its disappearance in the 4th postal dimension.

Likewise, specifying your building, building or apartment number can greatly help the postman-deliverer. And so avoid relying on his crystal ball to find you.


A telephone number and an e-mail:

Already, it can help me reach you if I have a problem.

Plus, you'll have real-time tracking... nice no.

Finally, don't worry, your details are jealously kept secret.


A mailbox

Ideally in line with La Poste standards

At least your name written on it, because if you live in a building of 500 people... re crystal ball or pifometer of the postman - deliverer.


Get your package

You have chosen a relay because it is very practical. So go pick up your order and avoid paying the shipping costs again.