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Use the energetic properties of stones to restore your overall balance from a physical, emotional and mental point of view
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Mookaite - Roller stone

Reference : 61545-DG

Mookaïte is an Australian jasper to whom the aborigines attribute great healing powers

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Natural stone: Mookaïte Jasper


In addition to the properties associated with jasper, Mookaïte is a protective and fortifying stone to be worn by mourners or lonely people



Properties :

- Protection

- Fortifying

- Support for bereaved or lonely people

- Meditation

- Contact with the souls of the other planes

- Calls for new experiences

- Pragmatism

- Acceptance of negative experiences



 - For weight loss and staying in shape

- Memory and intuition

- Limits the effects of aging

- Against water retention and hernia problems.

- For stomach aches.

- Against problems of tyroids, cystitis, hyperglycemia, kidney and bladder problems.

- Protection of the fetus during pregnancy.



Root - Solar plexus - Sacred



Planets : Earth



Purification :


Cleaning: clear, slightly salty water


Reloading: Sun


Description :

Mookaite Jasper, is an Australian Jasper containing mostly silica and some opal. It has a wide range of colours from coffee tone, dark brown to light brown, with occasional inclusions of beige, but also purplish red to yellow, ochre-brown, pink, white or cream. The Mokaïte originates from Australia, its name comes from the place where this mineral was discovered, Mooka Creek which means "torrent" or "living water" in the Aboriginal language.



Under no circumstances can or should minerals replace your medical treatment. The indications and various properties that can be found in lithotherapy are mainly related to tradition, for effects that are generally observed but not scientifically verified. In case of medical problems, only your doctor is authorized to make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

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