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L'oracle de la Déesse Sombre

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Each card is a precious chest holding a key to your personal power, be ready to take it.

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The oracle of the Dark Goddess



Draftsman: Gulliver the adventurer

Author: Iria Del

Publisher: Aracana Sacra


Reveal your potential...


This atypical Oracle, with its powerful illustrations, celebrates the sacred woman, the goddess in power, the feminine polarity that every human being carries within himself, regardless of his sex or gender. 

Much more than a catalogue of dark goddesses, this oracle does not limit itself to enumerating distant and outdated myths. 

Certainly, it highlights some individual goddesses with striking energy, however, the voice that rises in each card is that of THE Dark Goddess, an immense feminine essence that brings together in it all the dark female goddesses and archetypes of the different mythologies. 

Each card is a mystical door to open in you to reveal yourself and impact the world. The Dark Goddess will be your guide and your initiator. She will reconnect you to your primordial feminine magic to awaken all your hidden potentials and fully embrace your personal fulfillment.


Box including a bell box, a bilingual book (French/English) explaining 400 p + a set of 44 cards.

Box dimensions: 14.7 x 5.5 x 21 cm


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