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Spell Candle: Prosperity

Reference : MSC-05-AW

Soy wax candle with tiger's eye/green aventurine gemstones and lemon honeysuckle scent

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Novena candle for spells. In its glass case, a soy wax candle with carefully chosen fragrances and semi-precious stones to amplify your magic.


Magic candles are powered by the pure element of fire which represents transformation. This energy of transformation is what you channel and thus allows the changes you desire in your life.


Fragrance: Lemon Honeysuckle

Stones: Tiger eye and Green Aventurine

How to use your magic candle:

First select the candle or combination of candles that represents the things you most desire in your life.

Create a space in your home and begin to make a mini-sanctuary for your desires. Arrange your candle with personal objects in its light: photos, jewellery, gems ...

Do not light the candle immediately, let it rest in peace... you will know when the time is right to light the flame. Sit peacefully with your candle and use this time for meditation and reflection.

When the candle is exhausted and the flame has burnt out, you can clean the wax residue with hot water and collect any gems you find. Keep them with you to prolong the magic. For good karma, the glass candle tube should be recycled and reused, for example for storage or to put a flower in.

Dimensions: 20 x 5 cm

Unit weight: 280 gr.

Burning time: 50 hours

Soy wax



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