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Free-form natural stone propelled by Moon Nectar
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Selenite - Mother Goddess

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Nectars de Lune offers you natural stones, not tinted, not reconstituted, chosen one by one for their energetic value.

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Natural stone: Selenite - Goddess


Lyrics of Nectars of the Moon :


"It is a kind of very pure, very tender and fragile gyspe, this stone can be scratched easily and is water soluble!

It is the symbol of innocence, purity and perfection, it is very much linked to the Moon from which it takes its power. It is a very spiritual stone.

Stone of calm and deep peace, it is excellent for meditation, brings serenity, develops intuition and stabilizes emotions.

Selenite allows you to work on past lives, it is ideal for divination and to get information about past events. When selenite is translucent its vibration is very fine and confers clarity of mind, opens the crown chakra and allows access to angelic consciousness.

It helps sleep.

When wanded it detaches the entities from the aura and prevents any influence on the mind.

On the physical level it prevents epileptic seizures, fights against skin ageing, promotes breastfeeding, excellent for the spine. As a massage stick, used after a sporting effort, it will prevent pain and cramps the next day. It is effective against migraine.

In the home it purifies the air, as a lamp it brings relaxation and destroys electromagnetic waves.

Alienated with tourmaline, it installs a protective energy bubble around the house".


Free form - Identical to the photo - Natural stone



Purification: fumigation or amethyst geode

Charging: full moon or quartz geode



Under no circumstances can or should minerals be used as a substitute for your medical treatment. The indications and various properties that can be found in lithotherapy are mainly related to tradition, for effects that are generally observed but not scientifically verified. In case of medical problems, only your doctor can make a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment.


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