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Purifying stone and a beautiful green color
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Round stone bracelet : Amazonite

Reference : 552558-ET

Natural stone bracelet - Amazonite purifies the mental, emotional and etheric body. It helps to release all anxieties and fears.

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Natural stone bracelet: Amazonite


Mounted on elastic - Natural stones of quality A - Diameter 8 mm approximately

Wrist size from 18 to 20 cm


Amazonite purifies the mental, emotional and etheric body. It helps to release all anxieties and fears.

Properties: It ensures emotional tranquillity and positive attitudes towards life. It brings independence, health and well-being. Linked to the heart chakra, it enhances happiness and promotes love, compassion and forgiveness.

Lithotherapy: It has the function of stimulating muscle tissue and strengthening the blood. Absorbs microwaves, electromagnetic waves and electrostatic waves. This stone fights against hair loss and offers hair repair. The amazonite stone helps in the treatment of sexual disorders, such as disturbance of the vaginal flora, lack of desire, erectile dysfunction, obsession or male sexual disorder. It helps to calm skin problems, and would limit blisters and pimples if it is passed on the skin with care and tact.

Chakras : Heart & Throat

Divinities : Tiamat (Mesopotamian goddess dedicated to water) - Estsanatlehi, goddess at the origin of the creation of humanity (Navajo Indian)


Purification :

Cleansing: water

Recharging: Sun - crystal cluster

Description: Amazonite is a variety of microcline, a mineral of the feldspar family whose formula KAlSi₃O₈ is identical to that of orthoclase. Microcline is the low temperature polymorph, which belongs to the triclinic crystal system. Amazonite has a perthitic texture


Deposits : Brazil, Colorado, India, Russia, South Africa



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