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Aqua sagrados incense is often used to purify the body, mind and living space.
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Aqua Sagrados : Mother Earth

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The fragrance of "Eau Bénite" brings peace and purifies your home.

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Green Tree Incense Stick: Aqua Sagrados


Aqua Sagrados incense is one of the most pleasant fragrances to expel negative energies or odours from your home. The leaves and herbs in these incense sticks provide a stimulating sensation and positive energy.


You can burn this incense while meditating or if you want some new energy after a busy day. This incense helps you to take stock and brings peace and concentration. Aqua sagrados incense is often used to purify the body, mind and living space.



Aqua Sagrados means "holy water". These incense sticks provide a natural olfactory experience. Only the manufacturers of holy water know exactly what ingredients are contained in aqua sagrados. What is certain is that only natural ingredients are used. With these incense sticks from Green Tree, you bring the cleansing power of aqua sagrados into your home. The fragrance brings peace and purifies your home.

Holy water is a secret mixture of water with 16 types of leaves that is made in seven days. The preparation of holy water is a complicated process, in which, according to ancient traditions, a priest is present. The result is a complex and spicy fragrance.

The exact composition of aqua sagrados incense remains a mystery. And that is what makes this scent so interesting.


Size: 22 cm

15 grs

20 incense sticks

Sold individually


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