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Natural stone necklace - Tiger's eye
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Neklace Tiger's Eye - Natural stone

Reference : 32245-DG

A great stone of protection, it creates a mirror around you that reflects negative energies back to their origin

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Stone: Tiger's eye


Tiger's eye is a "shield" stone

Pendant stone rolled. Natural stone.

Black cord (1 mm wide) with a length of about 90 cm

Diameter: each pendant being unique, the dimensions vary from 2 to 2.5 cm according to the type of stone.

Properties :

A great protective stone, it creates a mirror around you that reflects negative energies back to their origin. It helps to counteract the bad thoughts of envious people and minor spells that may be directed at us. Helps to identify our needs and preferences both in our life choices and in our relationships.


Acts as an adrenal gland regulator, aids digestion. Calms respiratory problems such as asthma

Chakras :

PLexus and heart

Divinities :


Purification :

Cleansing : salt water

Recharging : sun - quartz mat

Description :

Family: Quartzites - Colours: golden yellow to brown - Deposits : South Africa





Under no circumstances can or should minerals replace your medical treatment. The indications and various properties that can be found in lithotherapy are mainly related to tradition, for effects that are generally observed, but not scientifically verified. In case of medical problems, only your doctor is entitled to make a diagnosis and to prescribe a treatment.


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