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Use the energetic properties of stones to restore your balance in its entirety, both physically, emotionally and mentally.
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Prasiolite - Rolled stone

Reference : TBM-52-AW

A stone of life par excellence, Prasiolite brings a positive and radiant attitude.

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Rolled stone: Prasiolite


Prasiolite connects humans to their instincts and brings them closer to the primordial energy of life.


promotes independence and vitality. awareness of one's own worth and self-confidence. It is a solar stone of charisma and joy. Authenticity, ability to assert oneself. Helps you stay true to your own feelings. Strongly defends his or her convictions.

Lithotherapy: Useful for strengthening the immune system, activation of the nervous system and blood circulation. Regulates breathing, heart and circulation, excellent for hair and nails, eliminates tension, promotes elimination

Chakras: sacred - solar plexus

Purification: Water - Crystalline cluster

Reloading: solar light

Elements: Fire

Description: Prasiolite or quartz prase, is a macro-crystalline variety of green quartz, which owes its color to amphibole inclusions, and its name to a Greek term meaning "leeks", by analogy to its color. It is part of the Quartz family and more particularly of crystalline macros, and is also called Quartz Prase. Brazil




On no account minerals cannot nor have to substitute themselves for your medical treatment. The indications and the diverse properties which can be found lithothérapie there relate especially to the tradition, for generally noticed, but unchecked effects scientifically. In case of medical, alone problems your doctor is authorized to make a diagnosis and to prescribe a treatment.

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