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Storax is burned to purify the atmosphere and drive away evil spirits
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Incense Green Tree : Styrax

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Relaxation and relief, also used to dislodge negative energies and thoughts. Storax also helps to find sleep

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Incense resin : Storax (Styrax Benzoin)

Storax (Styrax) is a genus of trees or shrubs growing most often in the Far East, belonging to the Styracaceae family and comprising various species, some of which are highly valued in perfumery and pharmacy for their balm.  The Styrax or Aliboufier, also known as the silver bell tree, is a shrub mainly known for the artomatic resin called "benzoin" from which healing balms, perfumes and incense are obtained.

The very fragrant wood of the Storax is burned to purify the atmosphere, scare away evil spirits and promote benevolent powers

Properties :

- Purification

- Prosperity

- Relaxation

- Sleep

Gods / Goddess : Mercury

Planet : Sun

Element:  Air


When you light an incense it is a magical atmosphere that is created ...

Incense made in the purest Indian tradition, 95% natural.

Box containing 20 sticks



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