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Ecological and artisanal alternative for its lunar period
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Sanitary napkins : Blue Cats

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There are several environmentally friendly alternatives for collecting your menstrual blood... the one Coffin Rock offers is a washable sanitary napkin.

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Blue Cat Sanitary Pad - Small Size


waterproof fabric with funny cats on a blue background! 



Dimensions: 16 cm x 13.5 cm (with wings and 7 cm wide without the wings) - ideal to combine with a menstrual cup, to use as a panty liner for daily use and/or to use with a small flow


Palmar shape: one end is more rounded and wider than the other - to be placed on the front or back according to preference.

Absorbent fabric in lining and organic cotton against its vulva

Velcro closure  


Note from Coffin Rock : 

"Beware! This fabric is a little stiffer than the classic PUL I use for towels, it remains comfortable but is not as light as other fabrics.

When you're a girl, you regularly have what I call "her bloody encounters with her femininity" and of course, it's still common to use disposable towels and tampons?

Apart from the fact that they are polluting to make and destroy, they can be allergenic, are usually bleached with chlorine and designed with chemicals, waterproof plastic can give off not too cool smells, give a burning sensation... and lots of not too funny things...

There are several environmentally friendly alternatives for collecting menstrual blood... the one I'm suggesting is a washable sanitary napkin."

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Once used, simply rinse in warm to cold water with soap. At the end of the cycle, hop, in the washing machine (40°C are enough). You can also soak them with tea tree oil and vinegar for a little hour and put them in the machine.


By switching to washable sanitary towels ... you will have: more comfort, cool designs, total discretion, soft cotton against your vulva, you do not fatten the state or big companies, your ecological footprint minimized and you make a designer work.


You will no longer have: fungus, bad smells, scratches, irritations, a bad conscience towards polluting waste, damaged panties because of stickers, to hesitate in front of the varied choice of deodorized - scented - polluting towels from shops.


In short ... it's simple to use, simple to wash and easy to take away!

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