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Crystal Charging Plate: Flower of Life

Reference : 254469-ET

Black wooden plaque, carved with a flower of life

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Wooden plate Flower of Life


Ideal for recharging your stones or jewellery with the sacred geometric shape of the Flower of Life

The use of sacred geometry to recharge your stones is a very simple method to use. It is called "wave form". These regulating forms carry very high vibratory rates, allowing the stone to recharge.

The flower of life is a symbol from sacred geometry, it is a rosette that illustrates the composition of all the elements that are present on Earth. It represents the construction form of plants, DNA, minerals and even mathematical formulas.

Use: Simply place your stones or jewellery directly on the Flower of Life for several hours. Approximately once a week (variable depending on your own use of the stones). Suitable for all stones


Diameter: 150 cm

Made of 5 mm wood



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