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Ritual dagger used in the magical ceremonies and rituals of the Wicca
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Athamé : Celtic wolf

Reference : RAKMA34-AZ

A powerful wolf's head decorates the blade of this superb athame. A totem animal that represents instinct, freedom and independence of spirit.

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Athame : Celtic wolf

Beautiful stainless steel athame decorated with a wolf's head with a pentacle on the forehead. Power, savagery and loyalty emanate from this superb ritual dagger


Before using it, the athame must be "consecrated" by a consecration ritual

Used to mark the boundaries of the magic circle, to draw various symbols or signs on various supports or in the air, to channel magical energies, to mix potion ingredients, or to repel unwelcome "demons", "ghosts" or other "evil spirits" during various Wicca ceremonies and practices. The athame is used to charge the magical intensity to an amulet, a talisman.
The Athame is linked to the Cosmic Element of Fire.


Blade sharp on both sides

Total length: 24 cm

Length of the blade: 12.5 cm

Sold with its leather scabbard - Metal clip on the back to hang it on your belt


Sold only to adults



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